A New Website is Ready to Enter the Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Market.

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Finxflo or FXF is ready to provide crypto traders with the most convenient, efficient and hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. This cryptocurrency aggregator platform can be easily accessed from anywhere on the globe.

Finxflo will be a fully regulated exchange and compliant with laws and regulations of Singapore. In order to bridge the gap between crypto traders and cryptocurrency exchange platform, Finxflo will act as one destination for all traders to get access to various exchanges, compare prices and proceed with the best profitable trading decision.

Features of Finxflo: Currently, the crypto trading business is facing several issues, especially in the areas of efficiency, cost and security. For instance, if a trader wants to trade on various platforms, they are forced to create separate accounts and go through a separate KYC approval for each exchange platform. This is really frustrating and time-consuming not to mention costly. Moreover, even if a trader wishes to be a member of multiple exchanges, they will not be able to achieve the best price and maximum profit and lower fees that institutional traders experience. Finxflo has addressed the tough situation that individual non-institutional traders face on a daily basis and provides its users with access to multiple markets through one registration process, one KYC, one wallet and one user interface. With the support system of smart order routing and access to the top order book, traders get access to the optimum price for buying or selling much like an institutional trader would. All this along with lower fees and no charge for withdrawal.

Unique to the industry, Finxflo operates on

  • One account/wallet/KYC
  • Less trading fees, no withdrawal fees, better execution
  • Unique user experience
  • Users pay monthly fees in Finxflo Coins
  • Global Best Bid Best Offer

With the continuing rise an acceptance of the cryptocurrency market, today there is a high need for a platform where traders can access various exchanges and compare prices and then efficiently and safely trade. Finxflo is the destination for both crypto traders new to the market and seasoned veterans.

The main risk for cryptocurrency traders is the risk of hacks. At Finxflo the safety of its traders and its trading platform is paramount. Finxflo has engaged Fireblocks as its custodian to provide solutions for security, insurance and compliance. Their patent-pending SGX and MPC technology offers much better security than a typical cold storage solution would offer; one single person can’t sign a transaction; signing authority is spread across multiple signatories. Fireblocks solution is SOC 2 Type II certified by E&Y and clients funds are insured. Lastly, its security is regularly reviewed and tested by NCC Group and ComSec and insured against any hacks for up to $150,000,000 USD.

With incredible features, guaranteed security and a user friendly, easy to access platform, Finxflo is head and shoulders above their competition. To learn more go to Finxflo’s website at For any further queries, you can contact FXF at [email protected].