New Crypto Trading Platform FINXFLO (FXF) is All Set to Enter the Crypto Market.

new crypto trading platform

Finxflo (FXF) is now open to the general public; the cryptocurrency platform has long awaited a professional gateway for online traders to access deep liquidity, a professional high-speed trading platform and industry-leading customer service. Finxflo offers more liquidity than any exchange in the world.

With the launch, customers with diverse levels of expertise can collaborate to find the best crypto-asset trading strategies in an environment rich with both conventional and unconventional educational tools to assist both the new and experienced trader. Finxflo allows users to engage with each other on trading ideas that are executed using real dollars. For those new to crypto trading, the community and educational resources introduce users to this new asset class and the risk profiles involved in it.

Customers can expect a secure, high speed, low latency trading infrastructure supported by a team of market professionals with decades of decentralized brokerage and trading experience in foreign exchange. Retail traders can take advantage of better pricing, access and deeper pools of liquidity through the trading platform. Finxflo offers a unique trading experience with a robust trading rule book. This rule book prevents front running and adds extra layers of protection. For crypto-traders who are looking for immediate access to liquidity, Finxflo is the best destination to connect to.

Finxflo offers each trader one KYC and one Wallet for better execution and unique experience for the clients. Here you can trade with lower trading fees and benefit from free withdrawal fees. This platform has entered into the crypto-market with a mission to provide high liquidity trading and equal opportunity for all traders alike with complete transparency. With the introduction of unique and innovative technology, Finxflo is striving to lay a foundation for the crypto trading world to enhance profit at both ends.

Hacks are the number one risk for crypto exchanges. Finxflo has created a regulated and secure environment and has engaged Fireblocks as its custody partner to focus on security, compliance and insurance rather than opt for a traditional cold storage approach. Fireblock’s patent-pending SGX and MPC technology offers much better security as one single person can’t sign a transaction as signing authority is spread across multiple signatories. Fireblocks solution is SOC 2 type II certified by E&Y and its security is regularly reviewed and tested by NCC Group and ComSec and insured against any hacks for up to $150,000,000 USD.

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